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Construction starts in the first eye hospital in the Himalayan area of Bhakunde Besi in Nepal

ISMS partners with Dooley Intermed in building the first eye hospital in the Himalayan area of Bhakunde Besi in Nepal. It is Nepal’s poorest district with population of 600,000+. There are tens of thousands of patients in that area who are suffering from eye diseases and not a single hospital dedicated to provide eye care to them. We are proud to part of this ambitious outreach and in building the first and only eye hospital in that area.

ISMS Builds Homes for 125 Families Displaced by Nepal Earthquake

In April of this year an earthquake hit Nepal, killing more than 9,000 people and injuring more than 25,000.  It destroyed more than 1.5 million homes, displacing families and making many homeless.  Shortly after the earthquake,  Scott Hamilton, the VP of ISMS Operation Restore Vision, accompanied by  Daniel Byers, an accomplished videographer and friend of ISMS, traveled to Nepal to distribute medical supplies to temporary clinics and prefabricated shelters to dozens of families.

Nepal Earthquake Postpones ISMS Restore Vision Expedition 2015

Nepal Earthquake

A statement from Dooley Intermed International/Operation Restore Vision

Team ORV’s Press Release – 2015 mission to Nepal


 Restore Vision Expedition Targets 1,800 Villagers in Impoverished Roadless Region

Video – Team ORV in Nepal – Gift of Sight

A short documentary about the ISMS Operation Restore Vision’s mission to Nepal – named “Gift of Sight”. Click below to watch.

ISMS ORV ‘Gift of Sight’ Mission to Nepal – May 2013

ORV is a proud sponsor of the 2013 Gift of Sight Expedition to Nepal.

Click here for a brief description of the project from Dr. Ronald Gentile (Audio)

Follow the Gift of Sight mission:

G.O.S. May 15 We’re Off!

After months of scrambling, untold emails flying back and forth between Stamford and Kathmandu, and calls to opthalmic manufacturers for diagnostic equipment, three members of the Gift of Sight crew can finally relax tonight as they depart JFK for Nepal.

It was touch and go there for some team members who had to arrange to place their private lives on hold for two weeks – in one case a family emergency two days before departure that resolved itself at the last minute – for the good of this important mission.

We carry with us vitamins for the monks, Sherpa Adventure Gear for the entire crew, and a DeLorme two-way satellite communicator that will permit live texting from the field. Our Keeler retinoscopy rack and  indirect opthalmoscope are safely swaddled in expedition leader Scott Hamilton’s carry-on.

First stop is Doha, Qatar, for an overnight stay on Thursday, then a four-hour flight Friday morning to Kathmandu. Our accommodations in Kat are at the legendary Yak & Yeti Hotel. We’ve been warned to avoid the tap water lest we board the Lomotil express for a wild ride on the porcelain pony. More on that later, I’m afraid.

On the reading list for tonight is “I’ll Call You in Nepal” by Bernadette McDonald … about the renowned Kathmandu journalist Elizabeth Hawley who has chronicled Everest expeditions for decades.

The mission begins.

ISMS ORV Nepal 2011

Our mission to Nepal in 2011 was at the Himalaya Eye Hospital in Pokhara, Nepal. Our team performed sight-saving surgery and other treatments on over a hundred needy individuals with conditions ranging from congenital glaucoma and cataracts to macular degeneration and retinal detachments. We not only provided free care to the poor, we also conducted a National Ophthalmology Conference for Nepali Ophthalmologists, met with the Minister of Science and Technology, and helped the technical staff at the hospital improve their ophthalmic imaging techniques.

At the closing ceremony, the Administrator, Chief Ophthalmologist and Director of the Himalaya Eye Hospital, along with dozens of local eye care professionals, praised the work of Operation Restore Vision, and pledged to continue to advance their institution and our mission to restore vision, cure blindness and reach out to those in need. Our supporters are a vital part of our ISMS-Operation Restore Vision Team, and have enabled these missions to restore vision, prevent blindness, and repair deformities in patients in underdeveloped countries.
Every member of our Operation Restore Vision team strives to positively impact the lives of those going blind, who feel forgotten, or have nowhere to turn. It is our dream to prevent and cure blindness while bridging the gap of ethnic, political, and religious differences.