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ISMS Operation Kids Update

Image: Gigi Stoll Photography

Dear Friends of ISMS Operation Kids,

At this time of year we always look forward to having the opportunity to update you on our work when we gather for our annual fundraiser at the horse farm, but this year we have decided to postpone our event until Spring, 2018. So thanks for taking the time to read this update on our work and what led to our decision to postpone our annual gathering:

ISMS Operation Kids Annual Fall Fundraiser

opkids fall fundraiser

ISMS Operation Kids – Ghana Mission 2016

ISMS Op. Kids Gallery – MayPen, Jamaica 2015

6​4 surgical cases and over 200 clinic patients seen and treated.
See gallery of images.
Op. Kids Jamaica 2015

Operation Kids’ upcoming mission to Jamaica

Confirmed upcoming Mission of ISMS Operation Kids to May Pen, Jamaica.

Date: February 7th-13th, 2015


Video: ISMS Operation Kids in Kenya – 2014

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The ISMS Operation Kids in Kenya treated over 500 children and 250 women. Follow their amazing mission in this beautiful video.

ISMS Operation Kids mission in Kakamega, Kenya 2014


Kenya Mission 2014 images
65 surgical cases.
Over 500 children seen and treated in pediatric mobile clinics.
Over 250 women screened and treated in our mobile maternal health clinics.

ISMS Agnes Varis Mission in Guatemala

ISMS Operation Kids Mission to Jalapa, Guatemala

ISMS Operation Kids
Mission 6 – Jalapa, Guatemala 2013

103 Surgeries completed with over 500 clinical patients seen and treated.

Photos by Gigi Stoll.

Triage Crowd - Waiting for a chance to be treated - Jalapa, Guatemala 2013

Triage Crowd – Waiting for a chance to be treated – Jalapa, Guatemala 2013


Correcting disfigurement

ISMS Operation Kids – Kenya 2012

We rarely hear about many children suffering sever burns in the USA anymore, with all current building codes and precautions they rarely happen. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many  African countries and fires still claims many lives and destroy thousands others.

ISMS Op. Kids mission in Kisumu, Kenya – 2011

On May 2011 mission in Kisumu – Kenya, ISMS Operation Kids successfully completed 86 critical surgical cases that had a life changing impact on local kids.