Team ENT

ISMS Team ENT was founded in 2011 by Shawn C. Ciecko, MD, an Otolaryngologist Head and Neck surgeon (ENT). Shorty thereafter, he was joined by Marcia Levine, RN and the team blossomed. The team continued to expand and included Otolaryngologists (ENT) Head & Neck surgeons as well as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons who are trained to treat both the Adult and Pediatric patient population.

Today, ISMS Team ENT is staffed with a complete Adult and Pediatric Anesthesia team as well as a skilled recovery and critical care nursing staff.  Our ISMS ENT members form a diverse group of individuals who hail from the shores of New York to the reaches of Argentina.

Our inaugural mission to Machala, Ecuador in May 2012 was deemed a successful one as we were able to complete 55 operations in 5 days.  Similar to the way medicine throws curve balls here at home, our surgeons were also able tackle the challenges of last minute surgeries under a tight schedule. Such as the 70 yr old woman who traveled for hours missing the clinic screening but was evaluated in between surgeries.  Her large thyroid tumor was pushing her windpipe and diving beneath the breastbone.  Upon assessment, our surgeons performed a 2 ½ hour surgery to remove the tumor. Later that week, while the Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon was operating on a 4 month old child with a severe cleft palate malformation, news of a school accident came to our attention.  A 13 yr old boy had suffered a severe facial laceration and naso-orbito-ethmoid fracture from a falling ceiling fan.  He was immediately rushed to the operating room by our Otolaryngologists who worked diligently to repair and restore the child’s face.

Our team is committed to treating the ailments of the Ear, Nose and Throat as well as the Head and Neck.  Our primary goal is to transcend political and religious differences and to focus our efforts on providing medical treatment to the less fortunate. We recognize that “routine” care for us is a distant dream for many and therefore stay committed to bringing them that opportunity.

ISMS Team ENT mission to Cavite, Philippines

After a grueling 38 hours journey, leaving JFK in a blizzard, ISMS TEAM ENT arrived in Cavite in the Southern Louzon province of the Philippines. Our team was met with a deluge of giant thyroid tumors and head and neck pathology. Our ENT Head and Neck Surgeons faced some of the largest goiters we had ever seen and we were challenged with many thyroid cancer cases. Team ENT - Philippines  Read More

Video: Team ENT in Guatemala – 2014

Watch a video about the ISMS Team ENT’s life-changing mission to Guatemala.

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Team ENT trip to Guatemala

Team ENT - Guatemala

On the flight back from Guatemala City I looked around the cabin and saw the 17 exhausted members of ISMS Team ENT. After a week of treating nearly 350 patients and running 3 operating rooms and performing nearly 80 operations, our team was tired but fulfilled. Read More

ISMS TEAM ENT- Fall Fundraiser

ISMS TEAM ENT- Fall Fundraiser

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Treating a neck tumor

ISMS Team ENT – Ecuador 2012

It was Tuesday and surgeries had already been underway for a day and a half. Screening of patients officially ended on Saturday however we continued to evaluate and treat patients in between operations. Dr. Ciecko had just finished removing a parotid tumor when he was pulled aside. Read More