ISMS Team New York Winter Fundraiser 2013

ISMS Team New York Winter Fundraiser 2013 raises $40,000 and receives support from The First lady Cecilia Morel of Chile.

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The New York Winter fundraiser 2013, hosted by Dr. Ravi Kothuru and Ms. Grace McCarthy, was held February 28th at the beautiful Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion in Manhattan.  This year ISMS-Team New York recognized its sixteenth year of supporting missions to Third World countries.  ISMS also announced this year’s mission to the Province of Linares in Chile.    The evening was highlighted by special presentations by Dr. Medhat Allam, Chairman of the Board for ISMS, Gloria Garafulich-Grabois from the Gloria Mistral Foundation, Octavio Errázuriz Guilisasti, the Chilean Ambassador to The UN, and a video message from Cecelia Morel, the First lady of Chile welcoming ISMS-Team New York to her country.

Left to right:  Dr. Ravi Kothuru, Gloria Garafulich-Grabois, Octavio Errázuriz Guilisasti, Dr. Medhat Allam.

Left to right: Dr. Ravi Kothuru, Gloria Garafulich-Grabois, Octavio Errázuriz Guilisasti, Dr. Medhat Allam.

Dr. Medhat Allam discusses core values and driving force behind ISMS missions

Dr. Medhat Allam, a founding member of ISMS, shared a personal story about living in a Third World country and witnessing a loved one suffer and die from a treatable condition.  When he was eleven years old his grandmother suffered a mini stroke which left untreated led to a major event that ultimately caused her death. Due to the lack of medical services, the response was to bring her home and provide comfort for her.   All he could do was pray and comfort her for three days before she passed.    He stated, “We are all fortunate to live in this great country, we will all have loved ones who get sick and we will put out our hand and ask for help and it will be answered.”  Imagine if there was no hand to help.  In Third World countries this happens every day. You, the donors to ISMS, are the hands of hope, care and compassion.  This sad and tragic event in his life has given him the drive to organize missions and expand this organization so that six teams will be sent throughout the world, so others will not have to suffer like he and his family did when he was a child.

ISMS partners with The Gloria Mistral Foundation

ISMS-Team New Yorks constant search for ways to help people in Third World countries led to a partnership with the Gloria Mistral Foundation in organizing the upcoming mission to Linares, Chile.   They share the vision of helping those in need, educating the local healthcare providers and providing them with supplies so a legacy of healing and growth will remain.  Dr. Ravi Kothuru, president of ISMS-Team New York, and Gloria Garafulich-Grabois of the Gloria Mistral Foundation have volunteered their time to organize and coordinate this year’s mission.

During her speech, Mrs. Garafulich-Grabois spoke about the struggles of the host hospital to keep up with the large backlog of surgeries.  She stated that there are over one thousand people waiting for surgery and only the ones that become true emergencies usually get operated on.   She discussed the difficulties of putting together a surgical mission and all the support she received from the Board of the Gabrial Mistral Foundation, ISMS, local and regional politicians and the First lady of Chile, Cecelia Morel, who has taken a personal interest in this mission.  She introduced The Chilean ambassador to the United Nations, the honorable Octavio Errázuriz Guilisasti.  Ambassador Errazuriz commended ISMS and Gabriel Mistral Foundation for their hard work and stressed importance of the upcoming mission to the Maule region of Linares.

The event was a huge success for ISMS-Team New York.   All proceeds will go to a fund which will support this year’s mission and purchase much needed supplies and equipment  that will be donated to the hospital in Linares, Chile.

Dr. Ravi Kothuru and Ms. Grace McCarthy would like to thank the following people.  Dr. Dan Swistel and the Ukranian Institute of America for allowing us to hold this event at the Sinclair Mansion.  Ms. Elisa  Cordova, who graced the night with two beautiful songs.   Jason Ennis who entertained us with his solo guitar arrangements.  To all of those who donated auction items and volunteered their time.  Team ISMS would like to thank our families and loved ones who support us and take on a heavier burden while we are away during the mission.  Lastly, we thank our donors who make these missions possible.

Jason Ennis, Ms. Elisa Cordova and Dr. Ravi Kothuru

Jason Ennis, Ms. Elisa Cordova and Dr. Ravi Kothuru