Operation Head & Neck

Op. Head & Neck

The Head and Neck Surgical Team of International Missions Surgical Support (ISMS) will be travelling to a remote area of southwestern Kenya to provide medical aid to those in need.  The team consists of 24 providers consisting of surgeons, internists, nursing staff, and operating support personnel.  Members are providing this assistance pro bono and will be spending two weeks away from their daily responsibilities and families in order to give much needed medical help.

The team will partner with a very meaningful not for profit organization, Kenya Relief. This latter organization has established an orphanage and medical clinic in the remote village of Migori, Kenya. Many diseases are endemic in this area including malaria, HIV Aids, thyroid goiters, and other head and neck cancers. Unfortunately, lack of medical resources represent a major problem. There is fewer than  one surgeon per one million citizens. Many patients never receive necessary care resulting not only in loss of life but large number of orphans requiring complete assistance. Patients will travel hundreds of miles to attend the clinic despite no assurance that assistance will be available.

The Head and Neck Surgical Team under the guidance of Dr Stimson Schantz, MD and Nelson Co, CRNA have previously participated in efforts with Kenya Relief in Migori. Last year, with only two surgeons, over 35 operations were performed over a four day period. This year participation and volunteerism has greatly expanded.  The team will now consist of four surgeons, a cardiologist, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, recovery room nurses, and OR technicians. The mission will take place from October 17 through October 27th.  All travel expenses, surgical supplies and medicines will be obtained through philanthropic gifts.