Our Mission

To provide free medical care for those in need in poor countries and to teach and train local medical professionals.

Our Hope

It is our hope to positively impact the lives of those who feel forgotten.

Our Dream

It is our dream to bridge the gap of ethnic, political, and religious differences.

Our chapters

ISMS team has been to many countries including Haiti, Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, Vietnam, Nepal, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Zambia, Peru, India, Egypt and Kenya.

Our goal

The major goal of ISMS is to reach out and positively touch as many lives as possible.

ISMS Team Michigan’s mission to Ecuador

On October 16th, ISMS Team Michigan boarded with all of the medical equipment necessary for their mission in Ecuador. Click ‘Read More” below to see a slideshow of their departure from Detroit.


ISMS Builds Homes for 125 Families Displaced by Nepal Earthquake

In April of this year an earthquake hit Nepal, killing more than 9,000 people and injuring more than 25,000.  It destroyed more than 1.5 million homes, displacing families and making many homeless.  Shortly after the earthquake,  Scott Hamilton, the VP of ISMS Operation Restore Vision, accompanied by  Daniel Byers, an accomplished videographer and friend of ISMS, traveled to Nepal to distribute medical supplies to temporary clinics and prefabricated shelters to dozens of families.

ISMS Dental Team mission to Haiti – 2015

On May 1, 2015, ISMS Dental Team led by DR. Amul Patel and Dr. Nilesh Patel made its way to Haiti for their third Dental Mission to provide care for those in need.

Nepal Earthquake Postpones ISMS Restore Vision Expedition 2015

Nepal Earthquake

A statement from Dooley Intermed International/Operation Restore Vision

ISMS Team NY video: 2015 mission to Myanmar

Watch a short documentary film about the medical mission that brought the ISMS Team NY to Myanmar, where they performed 65 major operations and left behind $150,000 worth of equipment to help upgrade the local hospital’s operating room, recovering room and ICU. 

Team ORV’s Press Release – 2015 mission to Nepal


 Restore Vision Expedition Targets 1,800 Villagers in Impoverished Roadless Region

ISMS Team ENT mission to Cavite, Philippines

After a grueling 38 hours journey, leaving JFK in a blizzard, ISMS TEAM ENT arrived in Cavite in the Southern Louzon province of the Philippines. Our team was met with a deluge of giant thyroid tumors and head and neck pathology. Our ENT Head and Neck Surgeons faced some of the largest goiters we had ever seen and we were challenged with many thyroid cancer cases. Team ENT - Philippines 

ISMS Op. Kids Gallery – MayPen, Jamaica 2015

6​4 surgical cases and over 200 clinic patients seen and treated.
See gallery of images.
Op. Kids Jamaica 2015

Team NY Myanmar 2015 mission complete


ISMS Team NY completed its 2015 mission to Myanmar. The mission was one of the most amazing missions the team has ever done. Team NY completed 65 major surgical procedures in the fields of general, gynecological and reconstructive surgery.

ISMS Team NY Winter Fundraiser

Operation Kids’ upcoming mission to Jamaica

Confirmed upcoming Mission of ISMS Operation Kids to May Pen, Jamaica.

Date: February 7th-13th, 2015


PRESS: ISMS gets support for spring 2015 medical mission to Burma

Local business owners and community members have raised $150,000 to help cover the cost of the trip, which will send a team of doctors to Mandalay, Burma in February.

Team Michigan’s mission to Migori, Kenya – 2014

Attention: this post contains some graphic images of surgical procedures 

Mission to Migori, Kenya, 2014

Mission to Migori, Kenya, 2014

Video: Team ENT in Guatemala – 2014

Watch a video about the ISMS Team ENT’s life-changing mission to Guatemala.

Video: ISMS Operation Kids in Kenya – 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.09.14 PM

The ISMS Operation Kids in Kenya treated over 500 children and 250 women. Follow their amazing mission in this beautiful video.

Team ENT trip to Guatemala

Team ENT - Guatemala

On the flight back from Guatemala City I looked around the cabin and saw the 17 exhausted members of ISMS Team ENT. After a week of treating nearly 350 patients and running 3 operating rooms and performing nearly 80 operations, our team was tired but fulfilled.

ISMS Operation Kids mission in Kakamega, Kenya 2014


Kenya Mission 2014 images
65 surgical cases.
Over 500 children seen and treated in pediatric mobile clinics.
Over 250 women screened and treated in our mobile maternal health clinics.

Video – ISMS Team ORV – Dominican Republic 2014


ISMS-Operation Restore Vision had a very successful mission to the Dominican Republic in cooperation with the Dooley Intermed International, ILAC, and VHP. A short video documenting a part of ISMS-ORV-DR-2014 mission was shot and produced by Daniel Byers, skyshipfilms.com, with technical help (audio and lighting) by Justin S Gentile and photography by Ivanhoe A. Gadpaille, ivanhoecameraman.com. Click below to watch.

ISMS Team NY mission to Techiman, Ghana – 2014

Team NY operating in Ghana

Please watch this beautiful and emotional short documentary, and follow the story of 12-year old Sadik Jafara – a patient whose life has been transformed by the doctors of ISMS Team NY.

ISMS honored by Gabriela Mistral Foundation

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.28.18 AM

ISMS Returns from Ghana

ISMS Team New York completed its mission at the Holy Family Hospital in Techiman, Ghana on March 25, 2014.  The hospital is a very busy facility that covers a large region and provides service to more than 250,000 patients every year. 

ISMS Team New York completes mission to Ghana

ISMS Team NY in Ghana

The staff of Holy Family Hospital welcomed ISMS Team New York for its Mission to Techiman, Ghana this March. It is the only large hospital that covers a large region of Ghana and provides care for over 250, 000 patients every year. Yet the hospital has skeleton staff with one official surgeon and one official gynecologist.

ISMS Team ORV – Dominican Republic – 2014

Our mission was a complete success. All sixteen team members, including our honorary members from Lions International, were incredible.


ISMS Team New York Winter Fundraiser 2014

3rd Annual ISMS-Team NY

Winter fundraiser  

January 23, 2014
Ukrainian Institute of America
2 East 79th St. and 5th Ave.

Tickets $125   

Hosted by Ravi Kothuru, Grace McCarthy

& Mia Dallorso

ISMS Team ENT featured on ENT & Allergy Magazine

Team ENT